Christopher (griglager) wrote,

So..what have we learned today?

Mugshot takes 10:01am Wednesday.
Superior court records show search warrant for house, car, and B Central Self Storage, 5142 N 43rd Ave, Unit B127, Glendale, Az. done on October.
KPHO releases article of 19yr old coming forward stemming from allegations from 2006 of dating underage girls. 2006 would be the brouhaha when Chandler was taken over.
9,000 articles taken. More than likely will include theatre photos and video.

Consensus = busted for pictures; not dating. Exploitation of a minor is a class 2 felony fine and or 4-10yrs. if the minor is under 15, 10-24 years(17 pre). This is why the noting of 5-12demographic was crucial.

It's not what the angry masses want to hear, but because they hate him they are matching it together. No current proof of physical misconduct. Highly doubtful that people will come forward. While this scenario is wrong on all levels, it is in no way another Jimmy Saville.

Prediction = Must register as SO. Minimal jail time, if any. I predict plea bargin to get out of fail free.

People will be pissed.

end of research.
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